Saturday, February 6, 2016

Olivia's Newborn Photoshoot

It had been 11 days since I'd seen this little family. Not much has changed from the outside, but on the inside, some incredible things have happened. The moment you walk into their home you're greeted by a tired mama who apologizes for her appearance followed by a very excitable pup. Bella is their first baby and she loves the attention. After assuring the sleep-deprived mama that she has never looked more beautiful (which is the honest truth) and waving hello to a working daddy, you peek around the corner to find a content little bundle, gliding away in her rocker. She is the center of this happy couple's universe now. Her presence is made known everywhere. The diapers, the hand sanitizer, the burp cloths and the color pink. Oh, the pink! It's in every nook and cranny. After spending a few hours with this family, I was able to capture a glimpse of their own brand of heaven. 

{Official family photo. There were others with Bella making herself front and center, but really this is more fitting, especially making sure Olivia is where she's supposed to be.} 

{Sweetest little eyelashes}

{And lips}

{Livie's nursery is beautiful}

{And the chandelier? Gorgeous}

{Cutest hippo in a tutu}

{Mom & Dad's old books line Livie's book nook}

{Special gifts from family}

{Tiny baby toes}

{Sweet little Livie}

{Olivia, being held by her grandma Teri}

{Daddy & Olivia}

{Mommy & Olivia}

{Grandma Teri, what a wonderful, gentle soul she is!}

{Olivia's furrowed brows are my favorite! She's so serious.}