Friday, January 29, 2016

Olivia's Birth Story

When I got word that Kellen and Chris were having a c-section birth (their plan B), I was bummed. I was certain I wouldn't be allowed in the OR and I would miss some crucial photo opportunities. Thanks to Kellen's inquiries with some friends at the hospital (shoutout to some awesome nurses, Kellen included!), I was given the green light to be present during the c-section. It was incredible. Just to be there to feel the anticipation, emotion and love was phenomenal. To document it was something else entirely. This experience will always stay with me. 

{waiting and waiting and waiting}

 {kellen & chris visiting with family}

{a thorough belly button cleaning is essential for surgery prep}

{while waiting in the hallway,  I asked Chris how he was feeling. He said it was a strange feeling, but one he had felt before. "It was like on our wedding day. I was an anxious wreck and didn't think I could get through the day... Until I saw her. The moment I laid eyes on her, every bit of anxiety went away. I know this strange feeling will go away, I just need to get to her, but this damn door is blocking my way!"}

{we listened to the monitors beep and sang along to Prince's "Little Red Corvette" playing on the radio} 

{and then, after what felt like an eternity, sweet little Oliva came into the world}

{first time touching her Mama}


{she was such a sweet little thing that would immediately stop fussing when her daddy put his hands on her head}

{motherhood looks beautiful on Kellen}

{so. much. hair!}

{typical girl... loved every minute of having her hair shampooed}

{skin to skin with daddy}


  1. Awesome. Incredible and very touching. They are going to be awesome parents. Congratulations. Love, Aunt Dee

  2. What a beautiful montage! Congratulations and may God continue blessing your precious family!

    Much Love,
    Sheila & Dave Shedd